Marlenheim via Pont Pierre Pflimlin and Colmar, returning to Marlenheim, France

Distance: 123 miles
Time on bikes: 2.75 hours

It’s Mothers Day in France and we have a nice breakfast with most of the Family around the table. Afterwards, Bene starts making preparations for lunch while Carl gets on with updating the website with the goings on. We’re quite far behind and are struggling to catch up with the web updates, although we’re managing to do the diary and take photos without too much trouble.

An hour or so passes when it’s announced that we have ten minutes before the bakery closes and although there are three cars and two motorbikes available, we decide to get there with a swift walk. This gets the blood flowing, and when we get back Carl gets another day added to the website before breaking for a lovely lunch prepared by Bene. We thought a Spanish omelette would go down well, made with Chorizo we picked up in Sort together with some dried ham also bought in Spain.

This all goes down well and we head out shortly after for a trip across the border into Germany for a walk down the Rhine. We take the motorbikes to give them a longer shake down to make sure everything works fine after the strip down. Claire hitches a ride on the back of Bene’s bike. The only problem seems to be a cable tie missing from Carl’s clutch cable and this is soon fixed, keeping all the cables in the right place.

We walk for a few hours, with plenty of flowers being picked along the way. Thankfully the weather is staying dry for us despite the weather forecast not looking too promising. It’s also nice to be able to cross the border so easily and be in a different country within a matter of minutes.

When we get back to the bikes it’s apparent that Flo is keen to have a go on the back of Bene’s bike so unfortunately Claire is resigned to being a passenger in the car again. The bikes have been running lovely since their servicing, with the new chains and sprockets probably making the biggest difference. Carl’s bike is running as if it came fresh out of the showroom, with the brakes, clutch, gears and ride feeling smooth and ready for the trip.

After the walk we ride south, following the route of the Rhine as we head towards Colmar for an evening meal at Flo’s. This is nice and relaxed and we have a bit of a late ride back to Marlenheim in the dark. Sadly the rain that has been threatening most of the day makes its presence felt, but as the temperature is about 14 degrees, it’s not too bad. Bene reminds Carl over the intercom that he was wanting some wet weather to try out his new boots. Rather pleasingly they perform superbly, but this isn’t really a proper test.