Marlenheim to Vosges forest and back to Marlenheim, France

Distance: 0 miles
Time on bikes: 0 hours

We got up after a nice lie in and had breakfast inside because it had not been warm enough yet this year to venture out. Then, Carl couldn’t resist working outside on the terrace while Bene’s father tended the garden, getting the diary updated and sorting the pictures of Morocco. Bene helped her mum in the house preparing lunch and getting our laundry sorted. We also took the opportunity to air the tent and sleeping bags on the line.

After lunch on the terrace – the first this year because of the lingering cold the region had been suffering from, Bene did a bit of the French version of the diary. When Bene’s sister Cathy arrived at about 3 pm, we all went for a walk in the forest in the Vosges near Dabo. This was followed up with a picnic and a game of boules, France vs England, Bene’s Dad and Cathy vs Carl and Bene. Although the first game was an overwhelming and entirely unexpected victory for the English team, we played another to keep the French contingent happy and the final score was one game apiece. We all went home happy.

By the time we got back it was late, so only time for a quick bat around with the badminton racquets in the street; with Cathy, Bene and Carl eventually attempting to play a triangular game in the dying light before calling it a day.

The bikes remain in the garage awaiting their major overhaul. The good news is that the Carnet documentation has been received from the RAC in the UK, so the bikes have their ‘passports’ for getting through the various countries we’ll be visiting. Although the first one we strictly need them for isn’t until Pakistan. There had been a delay getting these because of a printer problem at RAC HQ, so they had to be sent to Bene’s parents for us to collect en route.

Carl was very happy because his new phone arrived which has quad band, is water proof and best of all has a torch! This kept Carl happy for most of the day as he dealt with the tedious process of transferring numbers from one phone to another. Carl would like to take this opportunity for thanking his brother Dean for the loan of a sim card for the last 7 years! He also promises to try and stay in touch more, now that he’s paying the bills rather than Dean. Thanks Dean.