From Auckland to Amodeo Bay, New Zealand

Distance: 146 miles
Time on bike: 3.5 hours

We eventually manage to get moving today, but before leaving get the photos sorted and a few updates added to the website. We also give the bikes a quick wash as they’ve managed to acquire some cement as a result of passing through road works on the ride down to Auckland on Sunday.

Thankfully the cement comes off easily and we manage to get on our way just after 11 am. The first stop is at the local garage in Mairangi Bay who kindly let us dispose of the used engine oil that we drained from the bikes yesterday. That job done, we then set off south through the centre of Auckland and then towards the east coast.

We’re aiming for the Coromandel Peninsula and it’s not long after Auckland that we start to see some nice coastline appearing. As recommended by Béné’s friend Delphine, we stop for lunch at a beach side café in Maraetai. Even though it’s just after 12 pm we’re both starving and each end up having a delicious burger and chips. There’s not even an ounce of guilt but we’ll probably not need much dinner later on.

When we get going again we continue down to the bottom of the Firth of Thames before the road heads further east and into the Coromandel Peninsula. Just before the end we stop for a drink and a bit of cake and then get back on the bikes for the last ninety minutes of riding.

The road up the west side of the peninsula is a lovely snaking route, which for the majority of the time hugs the beaches and coastline. The sun is shining just nicely off the water and there’s not much to complain about this afternoon.

It’s about 4.30 pm when we arrive at the camp site which had been recommended to us by the French couple that we went sailing with on the Tall Ship in Russell. After getting the tent set up we take a wander down to the shore where there’s a really nice sunset over the sea and the offshore islands. Luckily there’s a nice bench for us to sit on while we have some fruit for dinner.

In the evening we retire to a cosy little room on the campsite which has some sofas and a TV, and take the opportunity to get some catching up done on the diary before retiring back to the tent.

Jour 360 – Mercredi 13 Avril 2011. D’Auckland à Amodeo Bay, Nouvelle-Zélande.

Distance: 234 km – Temps à moto: 3.5 heures

On arrive enfin a prendre la route aujourd’hui, on lave un peu les motos qui ont du ciment collé en dessous suite a nos passage dans des routes en travaux, puis on remet les sacoches et on prend la direction de la région de Coromandel. On passe dans un garage du coin pour y déposer l’huile sale et on prend la direction de la côte.

On s’arrête manger a Maraetai ou Delphine nous avait conseillé un café sympa, et on y mange un superbe burger énorme… c’est un peu lourd et on a du mal a reprendre la route.

On longe la baie de ‘Firth of Thames’ qui est tout au bord de la mer la plupart du temps, et on fait une autre pose pour boire un coup et manger un gateau.

La route serpente le long de la cote superbe et on arrive juste avant le coucher de soleil au camping d’Amodeo bay. Comme on n’a pas trop faim on mange juste quelques fruits en profitant d’un superbe coucher de soleil sur la mer.

Une fois qu’il fait nuit on s’installe dans la salle télé et on passe tous les deux un moment a écrire le journal, on va essayer de ne pas reprendre trop de retard.