Auckland, New Zealand

Distance: 0 miles
Time on bike: 0 hours

Our itinerary for today is to visit the Auckland Museum, which apparently has an unparalleled Maouri and Pacific Islands collection. We get there for late morning and spend a few hours wandering around the three floors of the very majestic building which was constructed as a war memorial in 1929.

The museum also has a very interesting section on volcanoes, which due to our location certainly makes it all the more captivating. They even have a mock up of a house which simulates the effects of an earthquake caused when a volcano erupts. This has a couple of young kids running as it does bring home what a destructive force a volcano would unleash if one did actually go pop.

By 2 pm we’re just about museumed out and make our way back to the house to meet Ollie and Emily from school as they’re finishing early due to a parent and teacher evening. After trying a couple of board games we end up heading down to the nearby school with some tennis racquets and a football.

We get joined by Brian who shows us his Brazilian bloodline with a few deft touches of the ball before we head back to the house for dinner. Caroline has cooked a delicious lamb roast, which was just superb. Not being able to cook things like this ourselves on the road, makes us appreciate it all the more.

It’s a relaxing evening and once again we have our fingers crossed that we may be able to get our hands on the bikes tomorrow.

Jour 345 – Mardi 29 Mars 2011. Auckland, Nouvelle-Zélande.

Distance: 0 km – Temps à moto: 0 heures

Ce matin c’est Carl qui n’a pas trop la forme et qui a besoin de dormir un peu plus, mais il arrive a se lever vers 9 heures. Le temps de déjeuner et on prend la voiture que Brian nous a prêté pour aller au Musée d’Auckland. Il y a une partie sur la sculpture traditionnelle des Maoris, les indigènes, puis d’autres sur la faune et la flore, une assez impressionnante sur les volcans et tremblements de terre. On passe aussi dans la partie sur la première et deuxième guerre mondiale. On rentre ensuite chez Brian et Caroline, on va chercher Emily a son école et on retrouve Ollie a la maison. Quand Brian et Caroline sont de retour on emmène les enfants se défouler sur le près de l’école en jouant au tennis, puis au foot avant de rentrer manger un succulent rôti d’agneau.

La journée passe vite, on espère pouvoir récupérer les motos demain, mais on n’a pas eu de confirmation aujourd’hui. On verra demain matin.