Auckland, New Zealand

Distance: 0 miles
Time on bike: 0 hours

Unfortunately Béné has come down with a bit of a cold, so Carl uses the time to eventually get completely back on top of the trip diary and the website so we’re back up to speed and can relax. We call the shipping company to find out how soon we can get the bikes and get told that it’ll probably be Wednesday. We were never really expecting to get them so soon after the ship arrived in port, but if we can get them in a couple of days it’ll be fantastic.

Carl has also found out that his cousin Sue is still in New Zealand until next weekend, so we’re really hopeful we can eventually meet up after chasing each other across the globe as she’s staying with a friend a couple of hours up the coast.

The shipping company need the Carnets so they can arrange the customs and quarantine inspection of the bikes, so we need to wait in until 1.25 pm for them to be collected before we can head out for some fresh air and take Cassie the dog out for a walk. It’s a nice walk down to the beach, but when we get there apparently dogs aren’t allowed to actually go on the sand. As Béné is feeling slightly under the weather we just relax on one of the benches overlooking the surf for thirty minutes before making our way back to the house via the shops.

It’s nice to see that bananas can be imported here, as the price of them in Australia had risen to £8 a kilo by the time we left (they were £2 a kilo when we first arrived in Australia, but the cyclone ravaged the crop and they won’t import). Bananas in NZ can be imported and they’re £1.50 per kg. I think some banana pancakes could be on the cards…

By the time we get back Ollie and Emily are home from school and it’s not long before Caroline and Brian also get back from work. After dinner we settle down to see a TV documentary which is probably NZ’s equivalent of Baywatch. The seas look a bit treacherous around here, so we can’t wait to go for our first swim!!

Jour 344 – Lundi 28 Mars 2011. Auckland, Nouvelle-Zélande.

Distance: 0 km – Temps à moto: 0 heures

Je ne me sens pas trop bien ce matin, j’ai un gros rhume, et je n’ai envie que d’une chose c’est de dormir. Carl en profite pour écrire le journal et il arrive même a enfin rattraper son retard, il ne me reste donc qu’a en faire de même. Je me lève peu après midi pour manger un morceau. Carl a appelé les gens du cargo et ils lui ont dit qu’on aura nos motos mercredi, et comme ils ont besoin des carnets, ils ont envoyé quelqu’un pour les chercher.

On profite du beau temps pour aller jusqu’à la plage qui n’est qu’a 5 minutes de la maison, et on emmène Cassie pour une promenade. Comme je n’ai pas trop la forme, je suis bien contente de faire une pose sur un banc à la plage et de rentrer peu après. On retrouve les enfants et leur baby-sitter à la maison, et peu après Brian et Caroline rentrent du boulot. Je suis contente d’avoir un coup de fil des parents à qui j’ai donné le numéro de téléphone de Brian.