Brisbane, Australia

Distance: 0 miles
Time on bike: 0 hours

After again getting some of the backlog caught up on the website we jump on the train into Brisbane. This time we head to St George’s Square where we hope to be able to go for a free tour around City Hall. Unfortunately it’s in the middle of a three year refurbishment programme, but we still get a look inside and see a presentation about the works that are underway.

We then visit the Brisbane Museum nearby, where we see the history of skateboarding in Brisbane and also some history of the Telegraph system of communication. Our next tourist attraction is one of the oldest buildings in Brisbane, the commissariat Stores building, but this one is also getting some restoration work done and is closed.

Feeling like we’re a bit out of luck with the timing of our visit to Brisbane, we then go to the Parliament Building where we manage to perfectly time a free guided tour. We get told about the restoration which took place thirty years ago and the guide points out the gold leaf decoration on the ceiling which reflects the state’s appreciation for the discovery of gold in Gympie, which we learned about on our visit to the town.

The tour ends up with us in the viewing gallery watching the politicians at work in Parliament. It’s amazing to see, what appears to be, a group of individuals achieving nothing and not making not much sense at all with their arguments. It seems that the politicians are talking, but nobody is actually listening to each other. One of them is even on Facebook with his laptop.

On the way out of Parliament we get to see Queensland’s Premier Anna Bligh, who we’ve seen on the news quite a few times, especially when she was handling the press briefings during the floods.

We then go for a walk through the botanical gardens and give a call to the freighting people to find out if they emailed us the paperwork for the bikes. They tell us we may get it tomorrow, but we need it asap as the Carnets need to be stamped out of Oz. As we wander along South Bank they call us back to say the paperwork has been emailed, so after a quick bite to eat we pop at the library to print it out.

As we’re about to get back, we get a few things from the supermarket for dinner and grab the next train back. We have dinner with Sarah who is doing some preparations for their wedding in just over seven months. There’s plenty of organising to do and Carl has a good look at the magazines and points out his favourite dresses.

Jour 339 – Mercredi 23 Mars 2011. Brisbane, Australie.

Distance: 0 km – Temps à moto: 0 heures

On passe à nouveau la matinée sur l’ordinateur, avec un peu de chance on arrivera à mettre le journal à jour avant de quitter l’Australie. On prend ensuite le train pour aller au centre-ville, à St George Square. On voulait visiter le ‘City Hall’, mais ils sont en train d’y faire de gros travaux et il est fermé, on ne peut aller que dans une des salles qui donne une idée des travaux qu’ils font. On va ensuite visiter le Musée de Brisbane qui a une expo sur l’histoire du skateboard et l’histoire du télégraphe. On va ensuite voir le bâtiment du commissariat, qui est l’un des premiers bâtiments de Brisbane, mais celui-ci si est en réparation et est fermé au public.

On passe ensuite au parlement et on arrive juste alors qu’une visite guidé commence. Le guide nous explique que la décoration a été faite pour symboliser le rôle de Gympie dans la région et a donc de belles décorations dorées au plafond et on passe ensuite un moment a  écouter les politiciens qui sont au parlement, mais leur discutions sont vraiment étranges et personne se semble écouter ce qui se passe, on voit même un politicien qui est sur ‘Facebook’ sur son ordinateur…

En sortant du parlement, on aperçoit la premier ministre de l’état de Queensland, on l’avait vue a la télévision quand ils avaient les inondations. On va ensuite faire un tour dans les jardins botaniques et on apprend grâce à un coup de fil que l’agence nous a envoyé le papier dont on a besoin pour faire remplir le carnet pour les motos avant de partir d’Australie, on passe donc a la bibliothèque pour imprimer le papier.

On fait ensuite quelques courses et on rentre à l’appartement ou on mange avec Sarah.