Bargara to Gympie, Australia

Distance: 146 miles
Time on bike: 3.5 hours

The weather changes for the better today, just in time as we’re making moves to get going south to Brisbane. It looks like we’ve found a shipper that can get our bikes transported to Christchurch on the South Island of New Zealand. We’re looking into going here so that we can travel around the south before autumn and winter sets in and we can then move to the warmer North Island.

It apparently takes a week for the bikes to get there from Brisbane, but we’re thinking of asking about doing some volunteering in Christchurch while waiting for the bikes to arrive. We take some numbers down from the internet and will make some calls later.

As usual, the sun is scorching for packing away the tent. Because of all the rain, a colony of ants has decided that under the tent is the best place to live and they’ve transported all their eggs from the underground nest. We have to give the tent a good shake and the ants have to find somewhere else to call home.

We decide to retrace our steps along some of the roads we came along when heading north. Normally we wouldn’t like doing this, but the roads were good and the only other option is the main highway, which is boring. The main difference today however, is that the weather is lovely. The countryside is really lovely and quite late in the day we again come across the Memorial Bridge at Bridge Creek which we stopped at on the way heading north. We decide to pull out the picnic blanket and settle down for a rest with a couple of oranges for refreshment.

While lying on the grass, keeping an eye open for any snakes, a car pulls up and a chap hops out to have a look at the bridge. We end up having a chat and he’s an interesting guy who’s just been up the road to drop a few copies of his book off at some local shops. Just before leaving, he calls us over to his car and very kindly gives us a copy of his book, Shadows of the Past, which we’re very grateful for and look forward to reading as it’s a collection of stories and tales that he has come across during his life. The chap is called John Cosgrove – thanks John.

We then crack on to get to the town of Gympie which we’re aiming for tonight. We get there about sunset and after setting the tent up have a quick dip in the pool before heading to the camp kitchen to knock up a quick meal.

Jour 332 – Mercredi 16 Mars 2011. De Bargara à Gympie, Australie.

Distance: 233 km – Temps à moto: 3.5 heures

Il n’a pas plu cette nuit et le camping semble sécher un peu, on décide qu’il est temps de retourner vers Brisbane et d’organiser notre prochaine étape : la Nouvelle-Zélande. Mary et Evan vont aller au Nord, là où on espérait aller, mais on a décidé de ne pas y aller, il risque de pleuvoir et on espère revenir dans le futur, pendant la bonne saison cette fois-ci.

On commence a plier nos affaires et on trouve plein de fourmis et leur œufs dans nos affaires qui étaient dans la partie externe de la tente, les pauvres fourmis pensaient avoir trouvé un petit coin tranquile au sec… on s’en débarasse au plus vite et heureusement, elles n’ont pas réussi a rentrer dans nos sacs !

Comme d’habitude quand le soleil est de la prtie, ca chauffe fort, et la température monte vite ce matin. On profite encore de quelques heures sur internet et on mange avant de prendre la route peu après midi.  On décide de reprendre la même route qu’a l’aller et comme il fait meilleur, c’est encore plus sympa de prendre les petites routes. On s’arrête a nouveau faire une petite pose au pont a la mémoire de soldats locaux et on y rencontre un gars avec qui on discute un moment, quand il repart il nous offre une copie de son livre, c’est vraiment sympa de sa part. On reprend ensuite la route vers Gympie ou on veut nous arrêer ce soir pour pouvoir y visiter la mine d’or demain matin. On trouve un petit camping juste avant la nuit et on a le temps de faire un petit saut dans la piscine avant de manger un morceau et de nous coucher.