Bargara, Australia

Distance: 0 miles
Time on bike: 0 hours

It absolutely poured with rain most of the night and we kept needing to check that our tent remained faithful and still resisted any ingress of water. After breakfast the rain lets up and we decide to stay another night rather than move on. We take a walk along the coast and find out about how this place was once famous for Railway Holidays, when workers for the railway were given a free trip to the beach.

We then continue the walk to find the nearest supermarket, which takes about thirty minutes. After stocking up on a few things for lunch and dinner we stop on a bench to have a drink before making our way back.

By chance, an Irish couple we’d met in Byron Bay drive by in their camper van and come over to have a chat. It’s a great coincidence we’ve bumped into each other again and they’re staying on the same campsite as us, so we agree to meet up later on.

We take a wander back to the campsite, stopping on the way to watch the silver surfers riding their long boards in the waves. When we get back to the camp kitchen we bump into Marie and Evan again and spend the afternoon chatting and also making a start getting some of the website backlog updated. Thankfully the internet connection on the campsite is reasonably priced and we manage to tackle a big chunk. As the website now has nearly 5,000 pictures on, it’s consuming a big space so we’ll have to use slightly smaller images to try and keep things under control.

While having connection to the internet we also make a few enquiries about shipping the bikes from Brisbane to New Zealand as we’re keen to get there in time to enjoy April and May before the winter sets in. Flying is now too expensive, but shipping costs seem to be all over the place. A few enquiries are made and we’ll see where they go.

In the evening Marie and Evan head off to see the turtles while we pop for another wander along the coast before cooking a nice seafood dish in the camp kitchen.

Bargara has turned out to be quite a nice place to stop off, but the weather is pretty bad, as it is elsewhere around Australia. So why move just yet…

Jour 330 – Lundi 14 Mars 2011. Bargara, Australie.

Distance: 0 km – Temps à moto: 0 heures

Il a plu toute la nuit, on est bien contents qu’il y ai des abris sur les campings ici, surtout comme il y a de quoi cuisiner dedans. On se met a l’abris et on déjeune éspérant que la pluie ca bientot s’arrêter. On passe un peu de temps sur l’ordinateur, puis quand la pluie cesse, on va au supermarché à pieds le long de la côte et dans le village.

On fait une pose juste devant le supermarché pour boire un coup, et par chance on voit passer un couple d’Irlandais qu’on avait rencontré a Byron Bay, Mary et Evan, qui sont super sympa. On discute un moment, puis comme ils restent au même camping on se dit qu’on s’y retrouvera plus tard.

Sur le chemin de retour on fait une pose sur un banc et on observe les surfeurs, mais il commence a pleuvoir et on retourne rapidement a notre petit abris au camping. On y retrouve Mary et Evan et on passe l’après-midi a discuter avec eux, tout en mettant un peu du journal a jour sur internet. Comme notre site a trop de photos, a partir d’aujourd’hui on met des photos plus petites sur le site, c’est mieux pour nous : ca prend moins de temps a faire, et elles ne sont pas beaucoup plus petites.

On passe quelques coups de fil pour savoir ou aller pour envoyer les motos entre Brisbane et la Nouvelle-Zélande : comme il fait tellement moche et que la saison sèche ne commence que dans un mois, on a decide d’y aller au plus vite. A la tombée de la nuit Mary et Evan vont voir les tortues sur la plage et on décide de rester au camping pour essayer de mettre plus du journal a jour.