Yamba to Byron Bay, Australia

Distance: 81 miles
Time on bikes: 2 hours

Thankfully there seems to be a break in the weather when we get up which gives us a chance to get the tent dried off. We take a wander along to the beach, which seems to be a nice place and as usual has a few surfers already in the water, even though the waves are barely bigger than ripples.

While riding along, Béné’s overheating light flicks on again and we stop at a BMW dealer which is conveniently positioned near to us. When we go through the symptoms however, they tell us that it’s most likely just a damaged wire somewhere, rather than the bike actually overheating. It started doing it since the bikes spent a night in torrential rain, so we’ll have a look around the wiring to see if we can spot what the problem is ourselves. We’re fairly confident the bike isn’t actually overheating, but we need to tread carefully until we can get it sorted out.

When we arrive in Byron Bay we’re lucky enough to get the last camping spot near to the beach – although it turns out to be possibly the most expensive piece of dirt in the world as it costs us a whopping £40 for the night. Still, it’s on the beach and the facilities appear to be nice.

We get there with enough time to wander along the beach and have a look around town. This looks like quite a nice place and hopefully we’ll be able to stay at least a couple of nights, but we won’t find out until tomorrow if a space comes available on the site.

Jour 320 – Vendredi 4 Mars 2011. De Yamba Byron Bay, Australie.

Distance: 141 km – Temps à moto: 2 heures

Il semble faire meilleur ce matin, on va faire un tour a pieds pour laisser la tente sécher. La plage est sympa, et il y a quelques surfeurs sur les vagues. Une fois de retours à la tente, on plie nos affaires et on prend la direction de Byron Bay. Quand on arrive, on a la chance d’avoir la dernière place de tente, il y a pas mal de monde ici, et on n’est pas surs de pouvoir rester plus d’une nuit.

Le camping est assez cher, à 45 euros pour nous 3 par nuit, mais le coin est supposé être superbe. On va faire une ballade sur la plage et on observe les surfeurs un bon moment, la côte est belle et on aimerai bien rester plus d’une nuit.