Boolarra to Bright, Australia

Distance: ish miles
Time on bikes: 0 hours

Béné and Anne head off at 11.45 am after getting packed up to get a head start while Carl stays for lunch with his relatives and leaves at 1.30 pm. It’s the first time we’re riding apart from each other, but it means that we can aim from the town of Bright which is about 240 miles away and located along the Great Alpine Road.

It turns out to be probably the best road we’ve been on anywhere in Australia, including Tasmania, and at last offers something which could be considered a bit comparable to the roads back in Europe which have long sweeping bends, tight hairpins and some superb scenery. The tarmac also seems to be pretty grippy, but we don’t quite fully go for it as the best bits of road have signs warning of slippery surface for motorbikes and high accident rate areas, which are kind of backed up with the memorials by the side of the road. Also, if we had a slide here, it could be expensive.

The road is almost completely empty of traffic and Carl manages to catch up with Béné and Anne at about 6 pm, 40 miles from the destination in the ski resort of Hotham Heights at an altitude of about 1,700 m. It’s been a fantastic ride up here.

Back together we take a more leisurely ride down to the town of Bright, with is at a slightly warmer altitude of about 400m, which is fine for camping. We manage to find a campsite near the centre of town and get the tent pitched before wandering in to see what’s available for dinner. Unfortunately, as it’s now just after 8 pm, just about the whole town is closed for the evening. We’d been recommended a couple of places by Carl’s relatives, but these are closed, so instead make do with a pizza place which we manage to catch just in time.

After devouring a couple of really superb pizzas we wander back to our tent for the night. The weather has been kind to us today for the first time in a while and it couldn’t have been timed any better.

Jour 310 – Mardi 22 Février 2011. De Boolarra à Bright, Australie.

Distance: 390 km – Temps à moto: 6 heures

Le temps de ranger nos affaires et avec Anne je pars vers 11h45 alors que Carl passe un peu plus de temps avec son oncle et sa tante, il nous rattrapera sans problème dans l’aprè-midi comme on va rouler cool avec Anne. La route qu’on prend aujourd’hui est la ‘great alpine road’ qui est une route qui passe dans la forêt enmontant au Nord-Est vers la côte. C’est une route superbe qui ondule dans la forêt. On fait des petites poses régulières avec Anne pour prendre des photos et on s’arrête pique-niquer au bord d’une rivière. Puis quand on arrive en haut des montagnes, a un e station de ski, Hotham Heights, a 1700 mètres d’altitude où Carl nous rattrappe et on continue la route ensemble. Il fait beau est cette route est vraiment agréable, même si il fait un peu frais aux sommets. On redescend dans la vallée et on s’installe au camping de Bright. Il est au bord d’une rivière et pas loin du village.

Comme il fait presque nuit quand on arrive on décide d’aller manger dans le village, et on se trouve une bonne petite pizzeria. On retourne ensuite dans la tente contents d’avoir a nouveau eu une belle journée ensoleillée.