Boolarra, Australia

Distance: 0 miles
Time on bikes: 0 hours

As we’ve still got some chocolate spread left we again have a bit of a treat of banana pancakes for breakfast. Carl then sets to work spraying his pannier rack which is looking very smart now that the Lahore welding has been tidied up and a fresh coat of paint has gone on.

Tony then kindly drives us to Morwell so we can collect the new bearings and bush for Béné’s suspension before we then pop to the workshop of Tony’s mate Mick so we can borrow his vice again to try and replace the bearings ourselves.

This isn’t a task we’ve done ourselves before and involves using a socket to drive the old bearing out. It’s a bit touch and go with the first bearing, but with some brute force the bearing comes out, much to our amazement. Unfortunately there’s two more to go and they’re much bigger and don’t seem to want to budge. As Mick’s vice is primarily a woodworking bench, we don’t want to damage it so concede defeat and instead Tony takes us to a local garage in Yinnar where he knows the mechanic.

After explaining our predicament the mechanic pops to the back of the workshop and using a hydraulic press, soon has all the remaining bearings removed from the linkage. He then takes each of the new bearings and again uses the press to pop them into place and in about five minutes Béné’s suspension linkage has all new bearings fitted. There’s some deliberation from Carl about whether he should also get his replaced while there’s an opportunity to do it, but as there’s no play (thanks to regular greasing of the bearings) we’ll leave them be and think about doing the job when we get back home.

We express our sincere thanks to the mechanic, especially after he doesn’t charge us for the work, and Béné is now grinning from ear to ear that her suspension should now be tip top.

On the way back to the house we pop into the local post office to enquire about sending a package to Auckland, so we’ll have a bit more space free on the bikes when we need to accommodate Anne next week. It turns out that to send a 5kg package to Auckland costs about £45 by air, whereas to send the same package to France by sea only costs £7 more. We decide to take the opportunity to send a few things back that we don’t think we’ll need so will have a sort through tonight to see what we can get rid of. If we did this trip again, we’d probably be much more ruthless on what we brought as it’s surprisingly how few things we need on a day to day basis. Please no mentioning the t-shirt Roland.

After putting Béné’s bike back together, we cook desert and join Tony and Linda for a wonderful fish curry. Thankfully Béné’s desert recipe of pear and bergamotte clafouti goes down well.

Jour 299 – Vendredi 11 Février 2011. Boolara, Australie.

Distance: 0km – Temps à moto: 0 heures

On recommence par un déjeuner de crèpes a la bananne, puis avec Carl on peint le carde de montures de baggages comme il les a bien nettoyées. On va ensuite chercher les roulements et la pièce chez BMW avant de passer chez un copin a Tony pour essayer de changer les roulements nous même. On arrive a en changer une paire, mais la partie suivante est plus dure : il y a 3 roulements ensemble, et on n’arrive pas à les faire sortir. On va donc dans un garrage local où n’y passe quand il a besion de quoi que ce soit. Le gars est super sympa et nous les met en place sans nous faire payer. Ca nous arrange vraiment d’avoir changé tout ca sans trop de frais, dans un garrage BMW ca nous aurai couté bien plus cher que les pièces de rechange.

On pense peut-être poster un paquet en France, des affaires qu’on ne veut pas jetter, masi dont on n’a pas besion, car il va nous falloir un peu plus de place très bientôt sut la moto : Anne arrive le 14 février en Tasmanie ! On se demande comment on avait fait au Marroc, mais il va falloir qu’on se débarasse de pas mal de choses !

Le prix n’est pas trop cher si on envoie le paquet par la mer, on fera donc un paquet demain matin. Comme c’est notre dernière nuit, on propose de faire le dessert, je fais un claffouti aux poires et a la bergamotte, et Lina nous cuisine un superbe curry de poisson, un vrai délice !