Adelaide to Robe, Australia

Distance: 209 miles
Time on bikes: 5 hours

Today we make a start on the coastal route from Adelaide around to Melbourne, a journey of about 600 miles. The temperature is supposed to be rising from the 34 degrees of yesterday to 42 degrees today. Because of this, we set the alarm early so we can get away and get some good distance done in the morning and then relax in the afternoon.

We got chatting to a couple on the campsite yesterday afternoon who recommended us a place called Robe, which is about 200 miles along the coast. After getting packed up, we’re back on the bikes. Thankfully the puncture we fixed on Carl’s front tyre yesterday appears to have held up.

There’s a bit of trepidation as we set off, as the mechanical issues we had on Friday do tend to put a dent in our confidence of the bikes. But they seem to be running fine and time will tell if the new water pump seals we’ve now fitted to both bikes will last a bit longer. It’s nice to get out of Adelaide early on a Sunday morning and the roads are really quiet.

About an hour down the road however, it’s apparent that we’re both really tired. Working on the bikes on Friday evening and Saturday morning, plus a few longs walks has left our legs and arms feeling knackered. Despite looking for somewhere nice to stop for a rest, there doesn’t seem to be anywhere.

We plough on and thankfully the miles seem to pass by. We’re only about 25 miles from our destination of Robe when we arrive in the town of Kingston SE. We follow the signs for the sea front and are pleased to be greeted by a lovely view of the sea and a large area of grass just in front. There are a few trees providing a nice shaded area and it appears that we’re allowed to ride the bikes onto the grass as a few cars are parked under some of the other trees. Within minutes of arriving, we have the beach mat rolled out for a quick picnic before crashing out for a well earned siesta. We wake up a couple of times, but we just fall back to sleep. We must really have needed the rest as three hours pass before we get back on the bikes again for the short ride down the coast to the town of Robe.

After a quick stop in the supermarket for some provisions, we check into the campsite which has a great view out onto the sea. We decide to cook an early dinner before taking a stroll for a couple of hours in the evening around town. There’s a nice atmosphere about the place, but it seems a bit quiet at the moment.

Fishing seems to be very popular here and there are monuments to the men lost at sea. Interestingly, there’s also a monument to the Chinese who landed here to participate in the Victorian Gold rush. Apparently the State of Victoria, in an attempt to curb immigration, put a head tax on foreigners arriving into their ports; so instead the Chinese landed here and walked the 200 miles to the gold fields in Victoria to avoid the tax.

Jour 287 – Dimanche 30 Janvier 2011. D’Adelaide a Robe, Australie.

Distance: 332km – Temps à moto: 5 heures

Aujourd’hui on commence la route qui longe la côte entre Adelaide et Melbourne et qui fait plus de 950km. La température est supposée monter a 42 degrés cet après-midi, on a donc mis le réveil assez tôt pour avancer ce matin et nous reposer quand il fera chaud.

Un couple avec qui on a discuté hier nous a suggéré de camper a Robe car il y a un camping sympa là-bas, on va donc essayer d’y aller. On est contents de voir que notre réparation de la creuvaison de Carl a bien tenu, mais comme d’habitude, après avoir eu une panne on est inquiets de savoir quelle sera la panne suivante… avec un peu de chance ca ne sera pas avant un bon moment.

Comme on commence tôt, il n’y a personne sur les routes, mais au bout d’une heure de route on a tous les deux un coup de pompe après nos réparations et notre marche de la veille, on met un long moment avant de trouver un coin sympa pour nous reposer, mais en arrivant a Kingston, on suit les panneaux pour la plage. C’est un petit village avec un phare, et il y a une grande aire de gazon avant la plage, on va nous installer a l’ombre d’un grand pin ou on pique-nique avant de faire une sieste. On n’est pas loin de Robe, mais on est contents de nous reposer un peu.

On reprend la route un peu plus tard pour aller a Robe ou on achète de quoi cuisiner ce soir avant d’aller nous installer au camping. Il est encore tôt, mais on décide de manger pour pouvoir profiter de la soirée. Le camping a une vue superbe sur des rochers et la plage et on a bien envie de nous ballader. On fait deux bonnes heures de ballade dans le village, le long du petit port de plaisance et de pêcheurs. Il y a un monument a la mémoire des nombreux chinois qui sont passés par ce port pour marcher plus de 300 kilomètres a la recherche d’or. Il y en a aussi un autre a la mémoire des gens perdus en mer, la plupart des pêcheurs et quelques plongeurs.

On est bien contents d’être arrivés sur cette belle cote, et on est impatients de nous baigner demain, ce soir il fait un peu trop frais.