Adelaide, Australia

Distance: 0 miles
Time on bikes: 0 hours

In anticipation of doing the repairs on Carl’s bike we’ve checked into the campsite for a couple of nights. Although we managed to fix the water pump last night, when we get up this morning we see that Carl’s front tyre is completely flat. When the tyres were changed yesterday the mechanic must have nipped the inner tube which is a bit unfortunate.

After contemplating taking the wheel back to the tyre shop for them to repair we decide to just fix it ourselves with a patch. Thankfully the front tyre is easy to get off the rim and we soon find the hole and stick a patch on. This was much quicker than taking to the garage, where we suspect they would just fob us off anyway and tell us we need to pay for another inner tube.

With that job underway we also take the opportunity to re-grease and tighten the steering head bearings on Carl’s bike. It was a bit of a rush job when we fitted them in Malaysia as it was at the end of a long day of bike repairs and they could do with a check to make sure they’re well greased, especially after all the jet washing the bikes have gone through to get into Australia through quarantine.

About halfway through the procedure Carl manages to snap one of the tools which means we need to ask the help of the campsite maintenance chap who soon is able to solve the problem. Back on track, the bike is soon back together and feeling much better and ready for a few more miles.

As it’s now lunchtime we pop to the local supermarket to get some things for a picnic and also dinner later tonight. We return to the campsite to have a picnic by the pool and just after are joined by a group of about ten girls who seem to be here for a hen weekend. They looked like they were having a great time, but the grumpy campsite manager didn’t really find their behaviour very appropriate and asks them to quieten down.

In the late afternoon we take a walk into town through the botanical gardens, getting slightly tempted by the open air cinema in the park which has a film showing this evening, but instead decide to see a bit of the city. It’s dark by the time we get back to the campsite and end up cooking our dinner of sausages by candle and torchlight.

Jour 286 – Samedi 29 Janvier 2011. Adelaide, Australie.

Distance: 0km – Temps à moto: 0 heures

La journée commence mal : on remarque que le pneu avant de Carl est a plat, bref, ca sera notre première tache ce matin, les gars du garrage hier on du faire un petit trou dans la chambre a air en changant le pneu. Ou pourrait y retourner, mais comme c’est le pneu avant on décide de le faire nous même, ca sera plus rapide. Du coup Carl décide aussi de regraisser ses roulements de direction et de les reserrer, ca nous prend donc toute la matinée. Carl casse un outil en forcant dessus, mais heureusement ca ne nous empêche pas de finir les réparations. Après ca on est bien contents de faire un petit plongeon dans la piscine.

On va ensuite au supermarché a pieds, mais il est assez loin et quand on y arrive on est bien contents et on est affamés, on achète de quoi pique-niquer et de quoi manger ce soir. La marche nous semble bien longue et quand on arrive au camping, on mange et on fait une petite sièste.

Dans l’après-mid, on va faire un tour a pieds dans la ville, c’est une ville très moderne, mais qui ne semble pas très vivante. On rentre ensuite en suivant la rivière, ou on voit un pélican ce très près. On hésite a aller voir un film : dans les jardins il y a un film qui est montré a ciel ouvert, ca nous semble bien agréable, mais finalement, comme on est fatigués on décide de passer une soirée relax au camping.