Darwin, Australia

Distance: 0 miles
Time on bikes: 0 hours

We have another relaxing morning around the hotel, watching the last few overs of the Ashes and see England win, again. The Aussies are pretty despondent so there’s no gloating over the result. It’s a really big deal for them by the looks of things and it’s all over the news about the poor state of their game. But, there may be a few mentions of the cricket as we travel around Australia as it should be a conversation starter.

As the cricket finished a bit sooner than expected, we head off in the mid morning for a walk along the coast with the aim of going to visit the local museum, which is apparently free. It’s a nice walk, although it is over two miles to get to the museum. When we get there we walk in behind a chap with an ACDC t-shirt; we hear him ask about an exhibition about the band and we follow them to an area of the museum which has a fantastic presentation about ACDC.

After seeing a fair bit of memorabilia and some recorded live performances, we continue our tour of the museum which has a great collection of displays about the animals of Australia, the Cyclone Tracy that struck on 24 December 1974 and a fair bit on the maritime history of the area. For a free museum, it’s excellent.

We’re pretty shattered on the way back, but manage to make do with a chocolate milk to give us some energy. The food in the museum cafeteria was crazy expensive and rubbish, but we manage to make it back to our hotel and on the way pop into the supermarket and get the ingredients to make a homage meal to the great food we enjoyed in Bali – a Mee Goreng. For a budget of about £8 we have a great seafood dish that made cooking for ourselves worth the effort.

When checking the emails in the evening we find out that the ship carrying the bikes is scheduled to arrive next Tuesday, but they say the bikes won’t be available for collection until the following Monday. We’ll have to wait until Perkins office opens on Monday to see if we can get hold of them any earlier. Darwin is thankfully a nice place to spend some time, but we’re really keen to get the bikes back.