Darwin, Australia

Distance: 0 miles
Time on bikes: 0 hours

We wake up to our first morning on Australian soil and it’s hot outside. After looking at the cost of food in cafés and restaurants, we head straight to the local supermarket to buy some things for breakfast and then walk to the nearest beach to have a small picnic on the rocks.

We’re going to be in Darwin for a while as the ship carrying the bikes has been delayed. When we booked, it was scheduled to arrive today, but now it’s not scheduled to arrive until the 11th or 12th of January. Thankfully there are a few things to do around the City to keep us entertained, but we’ll give some of them a miss as the entrance fees for some of the touristy things are over £15.

On the walk to the beach, Carl introduces Béné to some of the Australian language he’s picked up over the years watching episodes of Neighbours and Rex Hunt’s Fishing Adventures. Béné is slightly perplexed as Carl keeps saying things like ‘yibbida yibbida’, and ‘fair dinkum mate’ and Béné is wondering why her name has now changed to Sheila.

It’s nice sat on the beach, but for the first time we can’t go for a swim. The sea in the northern parts of Australia is apparently off limits at this time of year because of Box Jelly Fish. Also, there are salt water crocodiles and we hope there aren’t any nearby where we’re sat. The lack of anyone else around is slightly ominous.

We then take a walk in the nearby area and see a WW2 monument which remembers the people of Darwin that were lost in the only attack on Australian soil, when the Japanese attacked with the same fighters that laid into Pearl Harbour. We’d not read much about Darwin before arriving, but it seems to be a modern, very clean city which has quite a bit to offer visitors to the area.

In the afternoon we grab something from the supermarket to make a sandwich in the nearby park. After checking the prices of goods in the supermarkets and local cafes and restaurants, it looks like we’re back to our European ways of living in order to make our cash go a bit further. This was made that bit more nostalgic as the supermarket is called Woolworths.

The city seems to be quite quiet and it’s nice to see there are a few Aboriginal people around. We’re a bit fascinated to watch them as their appearance and behaviour is quite different to anyone we’ve come across so far on our travels, and it seems a few of them like a little tipple during the day.

During the afternoon’s walk towards the waterfront area of Darwin we see the remains of the old Town Hall which looks like it was ripped apart by a cyclone that hit Darwin on 24th December 1974. Apparently most of the city was destroyed when Cyclone Tracy struck and we’re both, especially Béné, looking forward to visiting some of the local museums to find out more.

We also see the Wave Lagoon which is an artificial wave pool and this looks like a bit of fun; and for the first time quite good value at £3 for a four hour session in the waves. Maybe we’ll head there tomorrow.

After wearing ourselves out walking around the city, we collapse back at the hotel with a light bite to eat.

Jour 261 – Mardi 4 Janvier 2011. Darwin Australie.

Distance: 0 km – Temps à moto: 0 heures

Comme le petit déjeuner n’est pas compris à notre hôtel, on décide d’acheter de quoi pique-niquer sur la côte qui n’est qu’a 5 minutes à pieds, on passe dans le supermarché en route. Il n’est que 9 heures du matin et il fait déjà très chaud et nous cherchons un petit coin à l’ombre. La plage est désertée et on se demande si il y a des crocodiles dans le coin… on sait qu’on ne peut pas nager à cause des méduses, mais avec le risque de crocodiles ça ne nous branche pas de toute façon !

On fait ensuite un tour à pieds dans la ville, c’est une ville calme et très propre avec plein d’arbres et de gazon le long de la côte. On passe près du port où il y a une piscine ouverte à vagues où nous viendrons surement cette semaine. En retournant vers l’hôtel, juste au coucher de soleil, on remarque qu’il y a plein de petits oiseaux dans les arbres juste à côté de nous, et on remarque ensuite que ce sont de grands groupes de petites perruches vertes a col rouge et avec le dessous de leurs ailes jaunes. On a grand plaisir à les observer un bon moment.

On passe ensuite au supermarché, mais comme on est un peu fatigués, on a la flemme de cuisiner, et on décide de manger des fruits, avec du yaourt et des céréales, on cuisinera mieux demain.