Lahore, Pakistan

Distance: 0 miles
Time on bikes: 0 hours

After breakfast, we decide to try and get a couple of things sorted on the bikes and stay another day. Lahore is a great place to spend a bit of time around – full of life. Carl’s bike has been in need of a slight amendment to the pannier rack design so that it doesn’t foul the chain guard when the suspension is near full compression. It’s a job that should have been done a long time ago, actually before we left the UK, but today we’ll actually try to get it sorted.

Also, Stefano needs to try and fix the mounts for his engine guard after he fell off on the way to Islamabad. His bike has stood up to many drops, but this one onto tarmac has sheered the four mounting points of the guard on the bottom of the engine and has also slightly bent the frame.

After going to a shop that Omer had recommended to us, Lahore Rubber Store, we’re soon in business. The guy that runs the place is called Ajaz and soon has Carl fixed up with a local welder that can deal with the pannier rack adjustment and Stefano is taken to a workshop that can fix the engine guard.

In the afternoon, Béné and Carl go for a walk through the side streets around where the hotel is located and try a few of the foods that are available from some of the street vendors. The fresh bread straight out of the oven together with a chickpea and lentil spiced concoction was particularly good.

In the evening we get picked up by Ajaz who’s taking us to Gulberg. This seems to be an affluent part of the city and where a number of computer shops are located. We’ve gone here because the charger for Stefano’s laptop has broken, but after trying a few places with Ajaz we’re soon holding a replacement part.

We then say goodbye and a huge thanks to Ajaz for his very generous help today, and take a walk around the local shopping arcade. We take dinner in a local restaurant where the food was really good, before getting a tuk tuk back to the hotel.

Jour 153 – Samedi 18 Septembre 2010. Lahore, Pakistan

Distance: 0 km – Temps a moto: 0 heures

Après le petit déjeuner Carl et Stefano veulent profiter du la matinée pour faire de petites reparations, Carl veut faire une modification sur le cadre de ses sacoches et Stefano faire une reparation sur le cadre de protection du moteur et Omir nous a recommande un garrage dans la rue a cote de l’hôtel. C’est en fait un de ses amis qui fait partie du club de motards de Lahore, il s’apelle Ijaz, il a un magasin qui vends toutes sortes de pieces en plastic pour voitures et sait ou aller pour faire toutes reparations.

Ijaz est vraiment sympa et fait tout pour nous aider. Le cadre de Carl est rapidement modifie et remis en place et vers 2 heures nous retournons a l’hôtel pour une douche et ecrire le journal en attendant que Stefano revienne après ses reparations.

Comme il n’est pas de retours, vers 4h30 nous allons faire un petit tour a pieds dans le cartier. Carl trouve enfin une babiole qu’il cherchait depuis le début du voyage : un thermometre pour savoir quelle température il fait. Nous passons dans des petites rues et mangeons un peu de pain frais et des petites boules de lentilles et de pois chiches epicees avant de retourner a magasin d’Ijaz pour le remercier de son aide, il nous offre un the et des biscuits et nous propose de nous deposer dans un quartier sympa ou nous restons manger avant de reprendre un ‘tuk-tuk’ en direction de l’hôtel.