Tash Rabat, Kyrgyzstan

Distance: 0 miles
Time on bikes: 0 hours

It was quite a comfortable night in the yurt, although it was pretty cold during the night. It was made a bit warmer though when the chap put some material in our dung heater.

Carl has a bit of an early start to try and investigate a bit further why his bike is having cold starting problems. This consists of checking connectors and resetting the engine management system. After a break for breakfast, work on the bikes resumes with some oiling of the chains, cleaning the sprocket covers and having a check on the tightness of bolts as we all seem to have lost some, apart from Béné. Maybe she’s replacing hers late at night.

At midday we take a walk up the nearby hill to have a look at some of the surrounding scenery. We’re at 3,100 metres and have a guess at the height. James and Emily join us, as well as a few marmots, and we’re all a bit exhausted when we get to halfway having gained 200 m in altitude. Carl feels some compulsion to get to the top and Béné is dragged a further 200 m to the summit where we stop for a rest.

It’s a slow walk back down to the camp where we all set about making a superb lunch of rice with peppers, tomatoes, onions and just about every spice going.

In the afternoon we continue to do a bit of bike fettling before Stefano turns up at about 4.30 pm. It’s great to see him again and we’re now only waiting for Donato and his pillion Roberta to make the group complete. As Donato is on a Harley however, his progress across the gravel may mean he’ll arrive a bit later on. We’re completely out of signal for the mobiles, so it’s a bit of a tense time to see if everyone makes it. We need to cross the China border together as the guide is meeting us tomorrow at 1 pm.

Thankfully at about 6 pm Donato rolls in on his Harley and the group is complete and ready to head off in the morning. After a bit of debating on what time zone we need to assume for meeting the guide, we decide to set off at about 9.30 am. We’ll then have enough time for a relaxing breakfast and also get to see the Tash Rabat caravanserai near to where are yurts are located.

As we’re now in a group, we’ll be getting photos from other people which we’ll add later on when we get the chance…

Jour 130 – Jeudi 26 Aout 2010. Tash Rabat, Kyrgyzstan

Distance: 0 km – Temps a moto: 0 heures

Nous passons une bonne nuit, il a fait froid au début, puis très chaud grace au poel a bouze de vache, et la température est restee agréable jusqu’au matin. Je me reveille tôt et je prends le temps d’ecrire le journal, puis nous rejoignons les autres dans la yourte ‘cantine’ pour un petit déjeuner de semoule chaude et de pain et confiture. Après ca nous nous mettons tous les cinq au travail : petites reparations, entretien et huilage des motos. Après ca nous faisons une petite pause et nous rechauffons avec un the, puis avec James, Emily et Carl nous marchons pour aller au sommet d’une colinne. Fabian reste en bas et fais sa lessive.

Notre petite ballade est plus dure que nous pensions comme nous sommes a plus de 3.000 metres d’altitude. Avec Carl nous montons jusqu’à plus de 3.500 metres. Nous descendons ensuite au campement et commencons a cuisinner un riz avec des legumes pour nous cinq. Nous passons une après mid tranquile a  pofiner le rangement de nos affaires et boire du the. Stephano, Donato et Roberta  nous rejoignent dans l’après-midi, et nous sommes bien contents : le groupe est complet comme prevu il y a plus de 6 mois, et demain nous allons en Chine.

Nous sommes sense retrouver le guide pour la chine a la frontière a 1 heure le lendemain, nous décidons donc de partir vers 9h30 et de visiter Tash Rabat avant de partir. Tash Rabat est une caravanneraie ou les gens qui parcouraient la route de la soie s’arretaient.