In April 2010 we will be embarking on a motorbike trip travelling overland from the UK to New Zealand. We’ve been using the motorbikes for trips around Europe over the last few years and our desire to go a bit further has managed to get the better of us.

It took a great deal of deliberating over whether it was the right thing to do, whether we could afford to take the time off and if this was something we were even capable of. We decided that the only way to find out was to stop thinking about it and just go for it. That may sound a bit flippant, but this is something we’ve been considering for some time.

I’ll be honest and admit that geography and history have never been my strong point – and I accept that’s not a good starting point for undertaking an adventure like this. However, this is one of the reasons for going overland. We’ll be travelling through countries which don’t appear on many peoples travelling agenda and because of this we’re looking forward to seeing new countries, cultures and enjoying new experiences. Surely that’s better than reading a book or watching a documentary?

Because we’d already done several bike trips and some camping before, many of the decisions about bike and equipment were quite straightforward. As with all trips however, the focus is to take as little as possible to avoid over-loading the bike, whilst at the same time being able to carry everything that could be possibly be necessary on the road. So there’s a happy medium in there somewhere, and I’m sure we’ll find a balance.

Because this will be a major journey for us we are hoping to document our travelling as much as possible and provide feedback to friends back home on our progress together with some stories from the road. Hopefully this will prove to be an enjoyable distraction at work and is why this website has been created.